“When I saw my parents in Colorado last week, I asked them what they each wanted for Christmas. My mother says the only thing she wants is one of your rocking chairs. After 2 years with excruciating back pain, she says that your chairs are the only comfortable chairs she’s sat in. I didn’t ask where she’d put one in her tiny house, but figure she could replace an armchair she has if she got one.”
--Hannah, December 2010


“I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I could not be more satisfied with the chair I bought for my wife. I purchased the chair as her wedding present and it was delivered on-time and in one of the most secured shipping crates I have ever seen. You were a pleasure to deal with in helping me order, since I live in S.C. and was having it delivered to M.A. I was asking a lot from you to get the order right. You handled all the details perfectly. The chair I purchased was a High Back Rocker with a black walnut frame with a black walnut and cherry checkerboard pattern. My wife was so surprised and excited when she saw it. She plans on putting it in the nursery in our house to rock our future children to sleep.”
--Paul, December 2010


“I’ve enclosed a photo of SSG Westley in his Vermont Folk Rocker. As you can tell by the look on his face he was thrilled to receive your gift! The 101st Airborne Division Assc. would like to take this opportunity to once again extend our sincere appreciation for your participation in the Welcome Home Party.”
--Carrie, January 2009


“I did get a not from my petsitter that I would like to share with you. Judy the petsitter wrote:
“Your rocking chair is the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t resist the temptation to sit in it to see if it worked (responded to body pressure). It was so comfortable. I thought ‘growing old and sitting in a rocking chair might not be so bad in that chair!”
--Corey, March 2009


“I purchased a rocker in 1998 and I love it. It is a topic of conversation whenever we have a gathering of people. I must admit when shopping for a rocking chair (as a keepsake from my dear Great Aunt Millie) at Johnny Appleseeds in Morrisville , NY I walked past the chair several times. It did not look comfortable. The salesman told me to “just try it”… what a perfect fit!”
--Sue, December 09


I want you to know that I bought one of your rockers in 1997 when I left Vermont. I now live in Florida (two moves later) and your rocker is always a point of conversation and admiration from anyone who comes to my home. The remarkable thing is that no matter how large or small a person is, the rocker conforms perfectly to their body providing the ultimate in comfort. Additionally, it is truly a functional work of art and has actually INCREASED in value over the years. I consider it a prized possession and would not part with it. It is so sturdy, I expect my grandchildren will enjoy it as much as I do one day.”
--Nancy, May 2008


“Thank you for the rocking chair. It arrived in St. Louis safe and sound, and I’ve been enjoying it very much. I appreciate the follow-up phone call, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t get back sooner. I love the rocker and it will be in our family for generations.”
--Holly, April 2007


“My husband LOVED the chair… he was so excited and surprised and completely happy… he’s thinking of buying one for his daughter who is going to have the first grandbaby in June!!! Keep making the chairs!! Your quality is truly amazing and it was a pleasure to speak with a “real person” on the phone who took time to help me decide on which chair and when to ship... all those questions I had… thank you so much for everything!!”
--Carol, January 2007


“The chair arrived and it was beautiful. Your timing is excellent, as my wife went into labor 1 hour after the chair arrived. Great working with you, and we look forward to visiting your shop one day soon.”
--Adam, January 2006


“We got my parents one of your rockers several years back for their 30th Wedding Anniversary. It’s a family favorite. Then my sister got one a few years ago when she was pregnant, now I’m pregnant and need a rocking chair.
It is truly the most comfortable wood chair I have ever sat in. So, needless to say, we are huge fans of the folk rocker.”
--Nicole, March 2005


"I had the fortune of trying one of your chairs locally and was impressed both with the comfort and lumbar support. Of all the wooden chairs I've sat in, this is the only one I sense absolutely no fatigue over time. It is a well thought out design and the workmanship is topnotch."
-- John, June 2004


"Just wanted to close the loop, as it were, and thank you again for all your help and kindness. The chair arrived yesterday and has proudly taken its place in our new living room. Joshua and I had some giggly time while we rocked away last night when I got home. And then we gave Daddy Carl some time to relax and rock away the stresses of his day, too. A thing of beauty, it is, and we couldn't be more pleased."
-- Martha, June 2004

"The chair arrived this afternoon. It is gorgeous, gorgeous. Your craftsmanship is awesome. I have had chronic back pain for years and I can't sit in any kind of hard chair at all... The very second I sit in the rocker, my back doesn't hurt, I don't even have to adjust my body. It is awesome, what nice work and what a wonderful 55th birthday present I gave myself. Thanks so much."
-- Pat, March 2004


"The rocker arrived Monday with an easy delivery, and it is just wonderful and beautiful! The packing was excellent and the rocker is so comfortable - WOW!"
-- Mary, January 2004


"Our rocking chair arrived today [to Wales, UK]. Everything is ok with it. Very clever packaging -- I am impressed. Looks fantastic in our living room."
-- Eva, December 2003


"Last summer I bought a rocker for my pregnant daughter and you shipped it to California. She LOVES the chair, and actually stayed home rocking away during labor...until she was convinced it was time to go to the hospital." ­
--­Robin, November 2003


"We have had two of your cherry rockers for years and love them. They are fantastic and look and feels as good now as they did in 96. "
-- Craig, October, 2003


"I purchased one of your Folk Rockers in 1999. I want you to know how much I love that chair. I had to have my upper left lung removed because of cancer, but they got everything out. Anyway, I have been rocking myself on my deck every day that I can; it is so comfortable, it contours to my back so it doesn't hurt me to lean back. I just love the chair. I don't know if you remember me, but I just had to tell you. Thanks for making such a comfortable chair."
-- Rita, August 2003


"I am so excited to have bought your folk rocker. It is beautiful and I look forward every day after I come home from work to relax by sitting in the rocker with my laptop computer and surfing the internet. We have received a ton of compliments in the few weeks we have had the chair. Great work."
-- Bruce, January 2003


"Your rocker 'rocks'! My wife, who is 7 months pregnant, and I shopped around and chose yours by far - nothing else even comes close as far as comfort. Thus, below is my order, and we look forward to the delivery (both, of course)."
-- Fernando, January, 2003


"We purchased one of your chairs this past October (a birds eye maple) and we just LOVE it!! We are very pleased with the chair and enjoy showing it off to our guests. It is always the first chair to be sat in when we entertain."
-- Greg and Jeanne, December 2002


"We are enjoying the new rocker very much. Everyone who comes in loves it and it seems to have been especially made for thick, thin, short or tall. You certainly have a winning design there!"
-- Alice, April, 2002


"Hi Vermont Folk Rockers! I've experienced your rocker in my Physical Therapist's office and love it!"
-- Sue, March 2002


"I LOVE IT. I'm 5 months pregnant, and this is the first rocker I've ever wanted to just sink into -- instead of sitting, going back and forth a couple of times, then getting up. My back hasn't felt this good in another chair in forever. I am very happy...Anyway, I'm in rocker heaven and you are truly a wonderous artist."
-- Sherry, September 2001


"As an amateur, but avid, woodworker myself, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the quality of the design and construction of your chairs -- they are not only wonderfully utilitarian chairs, but true works of art as well!"
-- Eric, September 2001


"I was fortunate to fall in love and buy a rocker in 1980 for my beloved. I didn't know it at the time, but when you buy furniture for another, it's true love. We've been married for 20 years next month and have enjoyed the rocker tremendously. Thank you. It was a great gift of love -- yours and mine. Keep up the good work."
-- Maurice, August 2001

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