Rocker Care

With each season, the rocker becomes more beautiful with a little TLC. 
Caring For Your Rocker- Your rocker should be kept dry and should not be used outdoors. Wet towels or bathing suits can raise the small wood fibers, making it feel rough. If this happens, let it dry overnight, then sand and oil as described below. Your Rocker should not get too hot nor be in direct sunlight. Too much heat will dry the wood, so keep it four to five feet from woodstoves and heat sources. Direct sunlight will bleach the natural color out of the wood. To prevent adverse affects, sand and oil as follows:
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Your Rocker should be oiled before the heating season (for at least the first two years) or if it appears too dry or if it has gotten wet. To oil, lightly sand Rocker with 220 sandpaper. Sand in the direction of the woodgrain. Sanding will whiten the wood a little as it removes the surface oil and any raised wood fibers. This whitening is necessary and the wood will redarken after oiling. Dust off the Rocker and then apply linseed oil with a clean, oil-soaked rag. Let it soak into the wood for ten minutes and then wipe lightly (don't rub it all off) with a dry cloth. Let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. Then rub the surface with the maroon plastic pad--this removes dust that may have settled into the drying oil and will making the wood feel silky and smooth. A beeswax can be applied for a soft luster and a pleasant smell, but is not necessary. Do not use Pledge Furniture Polish or similar products which use solvent or alcohol as it will just raise the grain, and then it's back to the 220 sandpaper.
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The rope usually needs no adjusting, as regular use loosens the rope no more than a touch. However, if it seems necessary, the rope can be tightened. Starting six rows down from the top of the Rocker, pull the rope carefully with pliers. With the help of another person to hold the Rocker, work the slack through from the other side of the Rocker one row below. Continue pulling the rope, alternating from side to side, until reaching the bottom front of the Rocker. Use a small Phillips-head screwdriver to hold the rope secure in the last hole. Tip the Rocker back, loosen the knot (don't untie it), slip the knot toward the chair frame, and tighten the knot.
With every rocker we sell, we include a Care Kit. The kit has directions for maintenance, as well as a supply of "Tried and True" oil finish, fine sandpaper and a buffing pad. If you need an additional kit, we sell them individually for $10.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the maintenance of your Rocker, please call us at 802-453-2483

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