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While I was in high school in Albany, New York, and in college at St. Michael’s in Winooski, Vermont, I worked during the summers with my grandfather in Schodack, New York, doing masonry and carpentry.  My father was developing a swim club and picnic area and as part of that my Grandfather and I built a dinosaur that was 18 feet high and 25 feet long out of reinforcing rods, wire mesh and concrete, as part of the children’s play area within the club.  I enjoyed working with my grandfather and this became a good experience in building and learning about materials and design.  I began drawing and painting at this time as well.  Having earned a bachelors of arts in science, I taught school in NY for a year and then joined the Army.  After 3 years of service, I came back to Burlington, Vermont and renovated houses.  I rented a small shop to build cabinets for the houses and quickly became interested in designing and building furniture and I began spending all my time in the shop.

One of my first furniture designs was the Vermont Folk Rocker (for which I was granted a patent) followed by many dining chairs, stools, couches, tables, dressers, all kinds of custom work and kitchens.  I learned many of the finer points of woodworking from Lewie Johnson, one of my first employees. In the next 15 years we made hundreds of pieces of furniture. 

In 1990 I moved my shop to Starksboro and stopped making the huge variety of furniture and custom work and decided to concentrate on making the Rocker.  I think of all the prior work, and all the skills learned and knowledge gained as being distilled into one product, the Vermont Folk Rocker.  The photos below show some of the pieces made over the years as well as some paintings.

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Furniture Portfolio

The First Rocker 1975

Second Style of Arms - Discontinued 1990

Lady's Rocker

Child's rocker

Rocker With Footstool

Cherry Adirondack Chair

Gihon River Adirondack Chair

New Haven River Painting on Pine Hutch

Bristol Cliffs Painting on Cherry Hutch

Faux-Wood on Maple Hutch

Four Poster, Faux-Birch and real Maple

First Bedroom Set

Pullout Futon Couch


Cherry Dresser

Carving by Lewie

Pine Hutch


Bill's Cabinet

Jim with Mark's Entertainment Center

Oak Vestibule Cabinet

Cherry Bookcase

First Rollover Desk

Cabriole Leg Desk


Comfortable Solid Wood Bench

Trestle Table with Bench in Oak

Round Oak Drop Leaf Table

Kathy's Table

Cherry Dining Set

Dining Chair with Removable Cushion

High Stool

Charlotte Kitchen

Missy's Kitchen

Jackie's Kitchen

Kindling, log and newspaper holder

Rounded Wall Shelf

Jim and Rufus

Painted Lamp

Bill's Table

Becky's Cabriole Leg Table

Susie's End Table

Utility Table

Music Stand

Camm's Lecturn

Tractor Seat Tripod

Round Tripod

Tripod Stool

First Tripod Stool

Swivel Seat Tripod


Yin Yang Table

The Mutt


Lewis Creek Farm


New Haven River in Faux Birch Frame

Cape Cod

Lewis Creek Farm

Raquette Lake

Raquette Lake

Friend's Meeting

Champlain Valley

Starksboro Cows



Compoc California

Raquette Lake

Walton Household

Grank Geier Sr.





Jim & Micheal

Julia & Hannah






Raquette Lake

Bristol Bridge Destroyed By Flood


Walden Pond

Parsonage Bridge

New Haven River

Raquette Lake

New Haven River

Bristol Cliffs

Sugar House


Cape Cod Nauset

Raquette Lake

Painting by My Grandfather

Painting by My Grandfather

Jeanne's Chicken

Raquette Lake by Jeanne

Rufus by Jeanne


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